Oven cleaning as part of end of tenancy cleaning

End of tenancy cleaning is a comprehensive cleaning required at the end of a tenancy agreement. Landlords require it in order to have the property they have rented out clean and hygienic, ready for the new tenants. End of tenancy cleaning includes the thorough cleaning, disinfection and dust removal from every room in the property. It also includes specifics like oven and carpet cleaning too.

Oven cleaning is very often an extra in the end of tenancy cleaning offered by professional agencies. This is done because many people either don’t use their ovens that often or because they take good care of them and there is no need of a thorough clean. However, the cleanliness of the oven is a requirement of big importance on your landlord’s list and it needs to get the approval tick.

If you don’t have the luxury of a self cleaning oven, then you may be in for a couple of hours of scrubbing and polishing in order to get the desired result. tea-601863_640Cleaning the oven yourself doesn’t have to be expensive at all. You can simply use baking soda for getting rid of the tough grease and vinegar. Use the baking soda to make a paste. Mix approximately half a cup of baking soda with water, which should be enough to form a paste. Spread the ready paste all over the oven and let it work for a bit. Then use a sponge to rub it in to remove the grease and dirt. Once you have rubbed the whole inside of the oven, leave it to stay like that overnight.

The next day, using a damp cloth, wipe the oven to get rid of the baking soda. Use the vinegar to remove any leftover baking soda. It will also neutralize the smell of the baking soda, leaving the oven smelling fresh. Finally wipe the oven all over again one last time and you are done.

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What You Need to Know to Grow Plants Indoors

There are a few things absolutely MUST in the home design and the home decoration. You cannot create a nice looking, practical, and charming and stylish home without books, fancy frames with phots, without the right textile and fabrics,plant-1081856_640 a nice combination of colors, creativity, imagination, a few sophisticated pieces of art, and plants. The last ones are the ones that revive the place. They bring it a spirit. They make it less materialistic and much more than a space for things and stuff. The plants live in your house just like you do. You actually share a home. You love them and they respond by making your house more loveable. And everything seems just right. Without them the house seems empty. With them everything looks complete. They are the missing piece of the puzzle of flawless house decoration. So make sure you will have it.


However, no matter how much you love the plants and the flowers, there is still a single, simple, minute problem: how to grow them. At first it seems easy, even facile. You buy a plant, you water it from time to time and it grows, making your house perfect. But in the reality, nothing is that easy. What happens is that you buy one, you put it somewhere it doesn’t feel right, but you don’t even notice. Then you water it once and forget about its existence for good, or at least until it dies. In the reality, you can even kill a succulent. That is why you need to know a few things.

Every plant grows well in different conditions.

Some like warm and sun, other don’t. some like light, Other do like shadier spaces. That is why before you buy a new living thing, you better make a research.

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